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Performance Measurement Software

Effective Performance Measurement Software Tracks the Performance of Your Business

What is Performance Measurement Software?

Performance management software is a specifically designed software by E-Khata to measure the performance of the business as a whole. The software takes into consideration each of the company performance indicators to present a clear picture in front of the management and administration. The software plays a vital role in helping the management to decide the measures to take and implement them in the right way to bring about an improvement in the overall performance. The use of the performance measurement software plays a significant role in helping the company’s management to have a detailed idea about the indicators of success in business to improve on the same.

What Does E-Khata Performance Measurement Software Do?

Performance measurement software from E-Khata is drafted to present corporate performance measurement in the right way. It provides business development KPIs to help business development managers to understand what exactly needs improvement that would benefit the organization. The business development manager KPI acts as the key to track each of the indicators and get the best out of them. Some of the major tasks that can be performed by the software are discussed below.

Firm performance indicators are of great importance for analysing the overall health of your organisation. It is precisely the situation where the software from E-Khata comes to the rescue by presenting the users with a summary dashboard where the performance of each of the key business metrics can be viewed at one go. Getting a complete summary helps to make important decisions with ease and convenience.

Income and expense are two of the most vital elements of every business. The overall performance of the business greatly depends upon income and expenditure. So, a good performance measurement software should necessarily include a feature of expense - income summary to give the management a clear idea of the total income as well as the expenditure. This, in turn, facilitates future planning in the right way.

Assets and liabilities help measure companies' performance in terms of what the company possesses as well as what the liabilities are. The software from E-Khata comes with a special feature that presents the asset - liability summary, thereby making it easier and convenient for the managers to keep a close eye on the same at any point in time.

Purchase includes all the investments made by the company in terms of raw materials, products, services, and all other necessary utilities to provide the end-product to its clients. Sales on the other hand means all the returns obtained from selling the end-product. Thus, a purchase - sales summary would be appropriate to judge the performance and profitability of the company. Performance measurement software from E-Khata comes with a module that offers a summary of the total purchase and sales of the company. This, in turn, makes the calculation of overall profit much easier and less time-consuming.

Receivable refers to the payment that the company is still to be received from its clients, customers, or others. Payables include the amount that the company is liable to pay. Thus, at any point in time, it is extremely important to have complete knowledge about the receivables as well as payables since these two happen to be the key indicators for corporate performance measurement. E-Khata’s software comes with a receivable - payables summary feature which always helps to keep a track of the total amount of payables and receivables at any given time.

Why go for E-Khata Performance Measurement Software?

Performance management software from E-Khata is immensely beneficial for every business in keeping a close eye on its overall productivity. The software offers a clear picture of all the indicators of success in business for an easy interpretation and analysis of the present condition of the business. Here are a few reasons why you should be choosing E-Khata’s performance measurement software that would boost your business to a great extent.


Get a clear presentation of all the key performance indicators of your business in one place


A proper summarization of all the key metrics involved in judging the business performance


Easy to interpret summary


Easy and convenient analysis of the business performance based on the summary of the KPIs


Create strategies based on the business performance analysis

Track the Performance of Your Business Any Time with E-Khata’s Performance Measurement Software

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