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What Do You Mean By Batch Tracking System?

To simply put, batch tracking is referred to as "inventory tracking”, where ‘batch’ means a particular set of products made with the same raw material and all the goods are produced together. Accurate inventory tracking is imperative for all businesses to efficiently track the batch expiry.

A reliable batch tracking system will have in-depth detail for every product such as what raw material is used for the goods, from where they are shipped, where they have gone, and most importantly when they expire (if they have any expiration date).

E-khata inventory solutions are designed with vital batch strategies like FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out), and FEFO (First Expired First Out). Choosing the right strategy is necessary for your business in the long-term as well as it has an impact on profitability also. In addition to it, with E-khata, get the real-time batch report to track how much inventory is replenished, how much stock is left in the warehouse, and what products have an expiry date to streamline the supply chain process.

Batch Tracking System

With a manual batch tracking system the most common type of problems usually encountered are incorrect data, misplacing the data, misinterpreting the data, and omitting to enter the data. However, innovative and technology-driven automatic batch tracking software permits you to record all the information of products within a batch available at your fingertips. Plus if you need to access particular information about a product with one click it’s quickly available.

As a product-based business especially food, home & décor, wellness, and pharmaceutical industry, quality control is the top priority. So keeping a check on inventory also means having control over defective goods, expired products, and any supplier issues. Moreover, with an effective tracking system check the quality of finished goods whilst automatically getting the update on the expiration date of every product. It also empowers you to recall the product location in the warehouse in case the product is reordered or any issue is faced at the customer’s end.

Regardless of what industry your business is operating in. When a customer returns the product because of some defect or due to some issue you need to quickly recall the defective product in the inventory for either a replacement review and refund. However, manually tracking the product can be a cumbersome task but with an automatic batch tracking system you can easily identify the defective stock, get the detailed information from batch number, and accordingly replace them.

In businesses, accurate and real-time reporting is crucial for all the major stakeholders including investors, management, and suppliers. If the data is precise, informative, and valid in the supply chain, the real-time inventory report from start to finish helps in building trust. E-khata effective solution offers a cloud-based inventory system helping businesses streamline stock, operate from multiple locations in a single click, and generate in-detail comprehensive inventory reports.

Why Choose E-khata Batch Tracking Software Solution?

Keeping each product orderly on an excel sheet or paper can be a highly labor-intensive task. Plus the chances of loss, theft, spoilage and damage are quite high. But having greater control over inventory with an effective tracking system helps businesses improve and optimize the supply chain process.

E-Khata batch management solutions are designed to meet the requirements of companies of all sizes thriving for success:

Batch Management

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