Expense Tracking Software

Expense Tracking Software

An inexpensive way to track your expenses

The inexpensive tracking tool of E-Khata enables you to track income & expenses without having to keep up with tally or any other conventional platforms. Enter the inflow and outflow of finances in our thoughtfully designed platform that brings you all the advantages of a dedicated expense tracking software while still offering the versatility and convenience of an online tool. Stay above multi-figure payments without investing in costly tools that fail to deliver perfection even through a dedicated system of operation.

The simple way to complex counting

Stop dealing with cumbersome tools that take forever to fill in all the details and switch to the simple and elegant solution of E-Khata.
E-khata has introduced utmost expediency and practicality to track income and expenses on a large scale with small and easy steps. Compute and analyze all your expenditure through the online tool.

Check all your cheques

Rely on the automated process or manually enter the details of expenses as well such as cheques, recipients, account number and other details to stay on top of all your financial transactions

Be wise,

Smart up your tracking and management with a tool that is as diverse in its functionality as it is in its features. E-khata expense management enables both small and large businesses to maintain their bottom line as desired. You can now use the expense reports to optimize the expenses and incomes of your business which would give you an added insight that can help you grow your brand and also improve profit margins by singling out the inefficiencies or expenses that are not needed in any way.

Are you expense smart yet ?

Opt for comfort and start counting the benefits that you experience on a daily basis as you number down your options to E-khata and watch the profit numbers of your business go up.

Get smart with your money now!

Try E-khata for free

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