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User-Friendly Collaboration:

How E-Khata Simplifies Multiple User Management

Accounting software that supports multiple users allows accountants and business owners to work together to maximize financial results. Real-time financial data exchange allows you to efficiently manage your organization and gain insightful insights. This easy multi-user accounting software is for firms with many bookkeepers.

How E-Khata Simplifies Multiple User Management?

E-Khata's cloud-based software lets numerous users track transactions for the same company. According to their roles, users can create, edit, and delete transactions. The administrator can grant user rights as needed.

Example: The admin can restrict sales users to the sales module. Users from the buying department can only access the purchases module.

This accounting software offers several unique features, including IP location-based access and role-based access. The accounting software administrator can utilize this security feature to ensure that only the right users access the data.

Controlling user edit and delete permissions is another great feature that makes this multi-user accounting software essential for business owners. The program administrator can also make a user co-admin, giving them access to other users' data.


Multi-user collaborative accounting software improves communication, collaboration, and efficiency in financial operations. Businesses may boost efficiency, accuracy, and workflow by letting numerous people edit financial data. Any organization seeking financial optimization and long-term success should invest in accounting software with multi-user collaboration.